Why should you prioritise your wedding photography?

Why is wedding photography so important

At the heart of every wedding lies the couple, and that’s what truly matters on this special day. But as you embark on the journey of planning your big day, you’ll encounter a multitude of vendors – florists, bridal boutiques, caterers, and more, each emphasising the importance of perfection. Finding the right flowers, savouring the finest food, and selecting the perfect dress are undoubtedly crucial elements. Engaging passionate professionals is essential. However, amidst all the preparations, it begs the question: Is anything more vital than wedding photography?

Regrettably, there are couples who allocate a limited budget for their wedding photography, some frantically searching for a last-minute photographer, and others reluctantly forgoing a photographer entirely due to financial constraints. These couples unintentionally downplay the significance of photography and often regret it after the big day.

The importance of hiring a professional wedding photographer

Is wedding photography the pinnacle of importance on your wedding day? Certainly not. However, when you strategise for your special day, it should occupy a prominent place on your priority list – something to allocate budget for and secure well in advance. After all when the day is over it will be one of the only tangible pieces you have to remember your fantastic wedding day.

Wedding photography assumes such significance because it immortalises your day. It captures your memories, narrates a compelling story – not just any story, but a beautiful account of your unforgettable day. A narrative you can share with friends, family, your children, and grandchildren; a treasure to cherish eternally.

Consider this: flowers will wither, cakes will be devoured, invitations will be discarded, dresses will hang in the closet, and shoes will return to their boxes. This isn’t pessimism; it’s about perspective. It’s about redirecting your budget towards aspects you might inadvertently undervalue, such as wedding photography.

And when you really think about it you can directly divide the cost of your wedding photography by the number of years you’ll spend together. In the end your investment suddenly becomes a lot less expensive!

A day of moments and memories

Earlier, I mentioned couples who didn’t give due importance to wedding photography. It’s easy to overlook because, on the actual day, there’s nothing tangible to see. A florist crafts beautiful bouquets, a cake maker bakes a scrumptious masterpiece, but when it comes to wedding photography, you’re investing in something invisible until afterward. The finest wedding photographers work discreetly, blending seamlessly into the occasion, with guests often unaware of their presence or if they are always having positive encounters with them.

What you’re paying for

Wedding planning isn’t just about one day; it’s about a lifetime of memories. It’s about capturing moments, emotions, and the ability to relive your day through exquisite photos. It’s about smiling at moments you weren’t aware of, witnessing the emotions of your loved ones, and, most importantly, possessing a story to treasure forever.

Like many things you’re paying for a level of service and experience as well. Often prices for photographers will vary quite heavily but it is important to consider each has their own individual costs of business. Some are just starting out in wedding photography, some doing it alongside other employment while some others like myself have been doing it for over a decade and it is their full time profession.

When you’re contemplating your wedding and assessing your budget, make sure you maximize your allocation for wedding photography. It’s not merely a few portraits of you and your partner looking radiant; it’s a captivating narrative of your wedding day – from the excitement of getting ready with your bridesmaids to the tears of pride on your father’s face. It’s about capturing the intricate details you meticulously planned – the flowers, the dress, the venue – and the unfolding of your day, the emotions of your guests, the groom’s nervousness, and that magical first dance. This isn’t just any story; it’s your story.

Capture your day and your story; don’t regret not enlisting the services of a professional wedding photographer.

Things to consider

Maximize your budget: Will your guests notice if you economise a bit on flowers, food, favours, table decorations or the cake? Redirect those savings to your photography budget; it’s the lasting memory of your day.

Find your style: Take the time to identify a photography style you adore, and select a photographer who embodies that style. Review their portfolio comprehensively; you want a consistently exceptional story.

Book early: Premier wedding photographers are often booked well in advance, sometimes up to two years ahead. Once you set your wedding date, secure your ideal photographer promptly.

Avoid these pitfalls when choosing a wedding photographer

Choosing solely based on price because they are the cheapest

Don’t select a photographer solely because of the price or added perks. Instead, choose someone whose work resonates with you and whom you trust. When selecting your photographer, don’t base your decision solely on the package’s contents or added perks. Don’t opt for a photographer just because they offer a free engagement shoot, a printed album, an online gallery, a USB drive, photo frames, or printed t-shirts – these are secondary to the quality of the photos they capture. It’s crucial to find and hire a photographer who resonates with you.

Ensure their work aligns with your style, that you have confidence in their abilities, and that you feel comfortable and at ease in their presence. These factors contribute to a smoother wedding day and result in more genuine and natural photographs. While many photographers offer packages with these additional items, and including an engagement shoot has become increasingly popular, it’s essential to choose a photographer based on compatibility and quality rather than merely considering the package’s value. At the end of the day the phrase you get what you pay for has a lot of value in wedding photography.

Photographers price things differently where some will have a base price for a few hours and then as you add things on like an a la carte menu the price suddenly adds up. I like to keep my pricing simple and just offer one price to cover your full wedding day, including any travel or accommodation I might need. But if you want to add on extras like an album or a second photographer then you can do by all means.

Settling for “Good Enough”

Avoid settling for a photographer just to expedite the process. Take the time to find a photographer whose work and personality align with your vision. When you’re in the midst of wedding planning, the to-do list can feel never-ending. At times, it might be tempting to settle for something that simply “will do.” You might be sifting through numerous photographers, struggling to find the time for meetings and portfolio reviews. However, it’s crucial not to rush the decision-making process just because it’s time-consuming and feels like an endless task. Take your time and ensure that you not only appreciate the photographer’s work but also genuinely connect with the person behind the camera.

When you discover the right photographer for your wedding, it should feel like conversing with a dear friend. This connection is essential and significantly impacts how comfortable and natural you appear in front of the camera.

Wedding photographers are deeply passionate about their craft and capturing the beauty of weddings. They understand the stress that can come with wedding planning, and many can relate to your feelings. Make sure you choose the photographer who resonates with you, aligns with your style, and fosters trust and relaxation. Trust your instincts; if you have no reservations, go ahead and secure their services. But don’t settle for a photographer who merely “will do.”

Focusing on a few stunning photos

While a few stunning shots are impressive, prioritise consistency. Ensure all photos are exceptional and reflect high-quality storytelling. Whenever you encounter a wedding photographer, whether it’s on this website or elsewhere online, you’ll likely come across an array of captivating images that leave you in awe. It’s a fantastic experience, and it’s important to seek out a photographer whose work genuinely impresses you. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that while individual “wow” photos are wonderful, what truly matters is a consistently remarkable wedding story.

As you peruse a photographer’s portfolio, make sure to delve into their complete and finalised galleries, available either online or in print. Your goal is to confirm that every photograph maintains the same level of excellence and stunning quality, rather than just a couple of standout shots. A competent photographer can capture breathtaking moments, but a truly exceptional wedding photographer weaves a captivating narrative through their beautiful photos. Most photographers will happily show you some sample galleries so you can be assured when doing your due diligence.

Seeing a full gallery will give you peace of mind as well in what the photographers tells you they do and what they actually do photograph on the day. For instance I tell people I focus on the connections between people and capturing the emotions, the fun and feels as I like to call it. You can see that in my galleries and my blogs as well as hearing it from my couples.

Relying solely on venue recommendations

Don’t limit yourself to venue-recommended photographers. Explore other options that align with your preferences. Once you’ve selected your wedding venue and secured the date, you might discover that the venue provides a list of recommended suppliers, including caterers, florists, wedding planners, and photographers. While this can serve as a valuable starting point, it’s crucial not to limit yourself solely to this list and remain open to other possibilities.

Don’t get me wrong I know I am often recommend by several venues locally to me and it’s great to have that recognition. The venues who recommend me do it purely because they like the way I work on a wedding day and they know couples and guests have enjoyed working with me too.

It’s advisable to explore various options, even if the venue recommends certain suppliers. You might find photographers whose styles resonate with you but aren’t included on the venue’s list. Alternatively, you may have interacted with a photographer from the venue’s recommendations but didn’t feel entirely satisfied.

Don’t compromise when selecting your wedding photographer by confining your choices to those recommended by the venue. Ensure that you secure the best photographer within your budget who aligns with your preferences and desires for your special day.

I would always tell people to have a scout around and see what’s out there. Obviously if I meet a couple and really get on well with them then don’t get me wrong I would love to be their photographer but I would rather it be from a well informed and explored position.

Choosing an amateur or a family friend who likes taking photos

A fancy camera doesn’t equate to skill and experience. Wedding photography demands expertise in capturing dynamic events; choose a professional. Whether it’s your Uncle or a friend from around the corner, it’s important to recognize that wedding photography encompasses much more than just a fancy camera. Owning an expensive camera doesn’t automatically translate to having the expertise and know-how required to skillfully document a wedding. While they might have a passion for photography, perhaps capturing landscapes or candid shots of children at play during weekend outings, weddings represent an entirely different and dynamic context.

In the realm of wedding photography, the camera is merely a tool, a means to freeze moments in time. The true essence of wedding photography lies in the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by the photographer. With weddings, there’s no room for do-overs; you have just one opportunity to be at the right place, at the right time, and to capture those fleeting moments beautifully. The goal is to craft a wedding story that can transport you back to the emotions and happiness of your special day.

Paying for a professional will mean you will get a level of service that matches. You will have someone who is there to offer advice before, during and after your wedding day. As photographers we often wear many hats since we are always seeing the whole day from start to finish, it means we can help in those moment where people aren’t sure how to do button holes or not knowing what is to happen next on the day. Of course there’s more to it than that but these are just a couple of examples. Essentially it will also allow that friend or family member you might have chosen to be able to enjoy the day!

Final thoughts

Remember, all this planning leads to one remarkable day – the day you unite with the love of your life, surrounded by cherished family and friends. Don’t let your memories slip away; don’t rue the absence of a skilled photographer.

Photography is about more than just a camera; it’s about being aware and present in order to capture and tell a story. You have just one opportunity for your wedding photos, and after it’s all over, those photos will remain with you forever. Invest in the best wedding photographer you can afford – the person who will etch your wedding day into a timeless story.

Always keep in mind that you have just one opportunity to capture your wedding moments, and once the day is over, your photos will be the enduring keepsake. Make sure to invest in the finest wedding photographer your budget allows and entrust the best person to document your wedding day. This investment will prove its worth in the years to come when you revisit your wedding album, rekindling those cherished moments and emotions.

Wedding photography is all about preserving those unique moments, allowing you to relive your special day through the lens of beautiful photos. It means smiling at candid moments you weren’t even aware of, witnessing the excitement and emotions etched on the faces of your loved ones, and, above all, possessing a narrative that you’ll carry with you throughout your lifetime.

Here’s what you’re investing in

Encapsulated in everything above overall you’re investing in making sure the story of your wedding day has been captured in the best possible way. You’re paying for a photographer who makes you and your guests feel comfortable while doing their absolute best to document the day.

How vital is wedding photography to you? Have you allocated your budget to secure the best photographer possible?

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