Why have a wedding album?


I have to be completely honest with you here, I absolutely love seeing photos printed, whether that be in photo frames to display in your home or as an album. Ideally both in my opinion and I had to put this short article together for you to explain why. I always talk to my couples about the beautiful handcrafted wedding albums I sell and why I offer these types of albums. They aren’t cheap off the shelf items, they are bespoke handmade albums that offer a high-level of quality as well as a personal design process by me. I love looking at the photos in my Mum and Dad’s wedding album but I always think it’s such a shame they aren’t in a nicer format that will stand the test of time of people flicking through them. The albums I use are just that and are designed to be out on the coffee table or the side as a constant reminder of your happy day.

This photo of the red cover is my Mum and Dad’s wedding album. It’s one of many albums that my Mum has at home with 7″ x 5″ prints that are slipped into the books. I think this is where my love of printing images comes from, because I have grown up with photos being printed and put in albums to flick through. I love looking back at Mum and dads album, it isn’t full of loads of photos like the albums are that I do for my clients, instead it has around 25 or so photos in there. Some of them with me in there too! I’d love for you to have a little nosey at it and what has become my inspiration for producing wonderful wedding albums for my couples.

Your album is the highlight of your wedding day

A wedding album is a collection of photographs that document your special day, and it serves as a lasting memento of your wedding. The biggest problem you will have is picking out the best one’s to include, I usually say to my couples to pick around 80 out of the gallery to include in a standard sized album. Of course you can choose more images and add in more pages to your albums but essentially your album will be a highlight of your wedding day. Here’s just a few reasons why I think you should have a wedding album.

Capturing the connections of your day

Your wedding album is not merely a collection of images; it is a visual narrative of your love story. Each photograph encapsulates a moment that reflects the unique connection between you and your partner. From stolen glances to shared laughter, the album becomes a mirror reflecting the depth of your relationship, reminding you of the journey that led to this beautiful union. It showcases the connections between the important people in your life and it’s a continual reminder of a great day. Leave it out on the side or the coffee table and take every opportunity to enjoy reliving the day.

Remembering Loved Ones

Weddings are not just about two people; they’re a gathering of friends and family, a convergence of histories and relationships. A wedding album becomes a poignant tribute to those who were part of your journey but are no longer physically present. I like to call it family legacy. Their images evoke a bittersweet nostalgia, allowing you to feel their love and support even in their absence. I don’t want that to sound sombre but as someone who has lost a parent and close friends I have to say that this point really does hit close to my heart and it’s why photos (let alone an album) are so important. Aside from that fact it’s a way to show people who aren’t in our lives yet what the wedding day was like. Whether that be children yet to become part of your family or close friendships you’re yet to make.

Celebrating milestones

Your wedding day is a significant milestone to say the least, marking the beginning of a new chapter in your lives. The album captures the transformative moments, from the anticipation before the ceremony to the joyous celebrations that follow. Flipping through the pages, you are reminded not just of a single day but of the commitment and promises made, symbolising the foundation of your shared life.

A tangible keepsake to relive your day

In an era dominated by digital media and images living on your devices, a tangible wedding album stands out as a physical manifestation of your day. Something that you can hold in your hand and view as a constant reminder rather than scrolling through a device looking at the photos. The weight of the pages, the texture of the paper, and the smell of the print create an immersive experience that helps you to relive the memories. Holding the album in your hands connects you to those moments in a way that a screen cannot, fostering a deeper appreciation for the tangible aspects of looking at your printed photos.

The shared emotional Connection

The emotional impact of a wedding album is profound. Each photograph has the power to transport you back to the emotions felt on that day— the nervous excitement, the overwhelming joy, the tears of happiness. It becomes a reservoir of shared experiences, allowing you to relive the intensity of those feelings. It’s something to share with others and to be proud of when looking through the pages with friends and family. Take it on a little road trip next time you go to see your parents or grandparents and show them your favourite photos from your wedding day; because after all that’s what the photos in the album are, they are your absolute favourite images.

Something to pass down to future generations

As time progresses, the wedding album transforms into a family heirloom, a bridge between generations. It’s a narrative that future family members can explore, providing a glimpse into the origins of their family tree. The album becomes a treasure trove of stories, not only of the wedding day but of the enduring love that has shaped the family’s history. In the same way I love looking through my Mum and Dad’s wedding album; I love looking back and seeing how happy they were on their wedding day.

Remembering the unforgettable details

A wedding album captures the intricate details that may be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the day. From the carefully chosen decorations to the expressions on your guests’ faces, these details add depth to the story. The album serves as a small time capsule, preserving the nuanced beauty of your wedding that might otherwise fade from memory. Even though you can’t include all of the images you’ll get you can at least include enough to remember the little details of the day.

A reflection of growth and how far you’ve come

Over the years, as life evolves and you both grow as individuals and as a couple, the wedding album becomes a reflection of your journey. Flipping through its pages allows you to see not just where you started but how far you’ve come together. It becomes a poignant reminder of the growth and resilience that your relationship has experienced. As your life grows why not produce some other albums each year to add to your wedding album, creating snapshot chapters of each year after your wedding. By no means am I saying to drop loads of money on these each year but look to do something complimentary that adds to the album you already have. I’m sure I can help you with a different type of album or book if you ever need it.

A source of comfort in times when you need it

During challenging times or when life gets hectic, the wedding album becomes a source of comfort. It’s a visual reminder of a day filled with love, unity, and the promise of a shared future. Browsing through the album can bring solace and reassurance, grounding you in the foundation of your relationship. So don’t leave it on top of a cupboard or under the settee or at the back of a wardrobe; keep it out in the open on the sideboard, coffee table or bookcase. Throw it at each other when you’re stressing about moving house and take a moment or open it up with a bottle of wine when you’ve had a bad day at work. It’ll serve as constant reminder of a great day and fill that bucket back up with positive vibes.

Shared laughter and tears

A wedding day is marked by a spectrum of emotions—from the laughter during lighthearted moments to the tears shed during heartfelt exchanges. The wedding album encapsulates these emotions in frozen frames, allowing you to revisit the genuine and unfiltered expressions that made your day so emotionally rich. Being able to see everything else that’s happening during these emotional exchanges frozen in print holds so much more power than being able to flick or scroll past it on a screen.

Rediscovering forgotten moments

With time, some moments from your wedding day may fade from memory. The wedding album serves as a rediscovery tool, bringing back forgotten moments that may have been overshadowed by more prominent events. It’s a delightful surprise to stumble upon these hidden gems as you flip through the pages.

Shared storytelling

Sharing your wedding album with friends and family becomes a way of storytelling. As you recount the events and memories, it fosters connection and allows others to share in the joy and magic of your special day. It becomes a communal experience that strengthens bonds with those who were present and helps convey the essence of the day to those who couldn’t attend.

In summary, a wedding album goes beyond being a mere compilation of pictures; it becomes a multifaceted treasure that captures the essence of your relationship, preserves significant details, and serves as a source of comfort and connection throughout the journey of life.

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