The Mini Books; Perfetto & Memento Duo

Order smaller duplicates of your album if you have chosen either The Perfetto or The Apertura albums, and all for an additional £90. You have a choice of either choosing the popular Mini Perfetto or the Mini Memento Duo, the Mini Perfetto is a single book which has the same quality photographic lustre finish as The Perfetto, while the Mini Memento Duo is a great value 2 mini book package printed on Matt Art Paper. Both come with the same leatherette or linen covers and you can also have laser etching with the Bodoni typeface as a no cost extra option.

Cover options

Choose from a range of options; leatherette and linen


The following leatherette colours are available.


The following linen colours are available.

Finishing touches

Add a nice touch to the front of your album cover to really make it yours.

Laser etching

All at no extra cost

The custom text options are available in the Futura typeface as pictured below.

Sizes and pricing

Choose your album size and the number of spreads you would like

The size of the mini album you receive depends on the size of the original ordered, take a look at the table below to see the resulting sizes.

  • Original Album size
  • 10 x 10″
  • 12 x 12″
  • 14 x 10″
  • 14 x 14″
  • 16 x 12″
  • The Mini Perfetto size
  • 8 x 8″
  • 8 x 8″
  • 10 x 7″
  • 12 x 9″
  • The Mini Memento Duo size
  • 6 x 6″
  • 6 x 6″
  • 7 x 5″
  • 6 x 6″
  • 8 x 6″