Utkarsh & Pallavi Bamford Edge engagement

Back in September Utkarsh got in touch with me via the engagement photos page on my website to have a chat about proposing to his soon to be fiance Pallavi. I had previously photographed a friend's engagement that he knows and after chatting with Himanshu about choosing the same location as theirs they got the go-ahead for Bamford Edge as the place for the surprise engagement.

Utkarsh had spoken with me at length on the phone and on email and WhatsApp about how to capture the proposal, even down to the fine detail of asking me if I could bring along a bottle of Champagne to celebrate after the occasion. My wife, Jess, was super excited to be able to help me pack up some Champagne, strawberries and glasses to pop into my camera bag for the ensuing celebrations. It added some extra weight for the yomp up to Bamford Edge but it was so worth it to see the look on Pavalli's face when she realised just how much planning and care Utkasrh had put into the proposal.

Utkarsh and Pallavi arrived at Bamford Edge and took a few photos on their phone before Utkarsh boldly got down to one knee and proposed to a very shocked but excited Pallavi right on the top of Bamford Edge. Needless to say, it was a confident and emotional 'YES' and as they say the rest is history, have a look at their story below.