Tom + Vicki | Hathersage Church

Well, I’ve known Tom and Vicki for a number of years, and it was an absolute honour to be able to document their wedding day. It was even lovelier to be in Vicki’s hometown of Hathersage and, indeed, the village that I now live in, a first for me to do a wedding that is ALL within walking distance of home. Tom and Vicki were very set on what they wanted from the day and that it was very much to be about time with their friends and family, which included them serving the food to each and every guest during the wedding breakfast. They had also said that they didn’t want anyone to take photos inside the church, which also included me as the photographer, a first for me but certainly a wish to be very much respected.

It was so lovely to walk up to the church with them and their immediate families, making the way through the village and even stopping to take in a quick look at the cricket match that was taking place on this glorious Summer’s day. The most efficient group photos of just both immediate families meant we had the group photos done before any of the guests had even come out of the church to hug and wish them congratulations, it was great not to have people standing around waiting to be part of the photos, and it meant Tom and Vicki had loads of time to spend hugging their much-loved guests. A few brief portraits at the church after the ceremony and it was time to walk back down to the Hathersage Memorial Hall with them both, grabbing a few natural moments along the way as well.

It was also a first to see them flip a wooden coin that had been carved by some dear friends; the flip of the coin was to decide the surname that they would be taking as a married couple and such a lovely sentiment too. Andy, Vicki’s dad, was very much happy that the tradition of Vicki taking Tom’s surname continued as the coin landed on his surname. The festivities continued with guests bringing puddings for the cake table and everyone having specific roles in clearing up the hall ready for the ensuing Ceilidh band and the fantastic appearance of the ‘Running on Empty’ band being brought out of retirement. Anyway enough from me, have a watch of their photo highlights video below or you can always scroll through the images underneath. Enjoy.

Tom + Vicki’s wedding preview video…

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Tom + Vicki’s wedding photo previews…

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