Signing Frames

It sounds like you’re interested in having a signing frame at your wedding. A signing frame is a lovely and personal touch that many couples incorporate into their wedding day and it’s a great alternative to having a book. I love signing frames and I always recommend them to my couples, especially if you’ve had a pre-wedding photoshoot with me ahead of the big day.

Why not put your favourite photo of each other as the centre image and hang this one the wall at home after your wedding day. It can serve as a constant reminder of how lovely your wedding day was and with plenty of positive messages from your nearest and dearest. Put it somewhere prominent in your home, somewhere that you walk past every day such as in the entrance hall; then when you come home you get to see something that will instantly make you happy. Here’s some great ways to go about having a signing frame at your wedding day.

Choose a frame colour to match your home decor.

The frames I offer are a lovely chunky frame design and you can choose a range of colours to match your home interior. There are 6 different colours for the frames which are Almond, Ash, Charcoal, Chestnut, Oak and Silverbirch. Check out the examples below to see each of them.







Select the Right Spot on your wedding day.

Choose a prominent location at your wedding venue where guests can easily see and access the signing frame. It could be near the entrance, in the reception area, or even as a focal point at the ceremony. Assign someone, like a wedding coordinator or a trusted friend, to keep an eye on the signing frame. They can guide guests and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to sign. You could have it placed on a table propped up for people to then lay flat on the table to sign it or you could arrange it neatly laid down already. Another option is to pop the frame up on an easel for people to sign it stood upright.

Provide the pens and give everyone a heads up.

Pick some nice pens that your guests can use to write messages on the white mount around the photo. Make sure to pick some pens that will look great when your guests are writing their message. I’d try and avoid ones which are easily smudged or you’ll end up with a signing frame with smudges all over it when people are writing their message. You could choose any colour or multiple colours of pens if that’s something that appeals to you.

Also, make sure to get someone like the best man or your wedding planner to announce where it is and what you want people to do. That way you can ensure that you’re guests know you really want them to pay the frame a visit and leave you guys a message.

Display the Signed Frame at home.

After the wedding day, when all your guests have left their lovely messages you can get it all hung up at home. Each frame I supply you with has a piece of perspex which is placed behind the mount at the back of the frame. You simply need to take this out and remove the mount and photo, then pop the perspex in the frame first, followed by the mount and photo and finally the backing board. Seal it all up and you’re ready to get this hung on the wall using the quality hanging supplied on the frame. You’ll just need to make sure you get some suitable fastenings for your wall and a spirit level to make sure the frame is nice and straight!

Ready to order yourselves a signing frame?

The signing frames are 24″ x 20″ with the frame and white mount with a 12″ x 8″ print in the centre. Each frame costs £270 which includes courier transport to your address before the big day so that you can take this along to your wedding and set it up ready for your guests to sign. Pop your details on the form below and I’ll get everything sorted to order you a signing frame in time. Just bear in mind that there is a minimum production time on these so try to make sure it’s at least a couple of weeks before your wedding (don’t leave it until the last minute)!