Ross and Emma’s wedding

Ross and Emma were very clear about what they wanted, and that was some really relaxed natural photography which was music to my ears, it’s exactly my style and how I shoot all my weddings. But one things came as a bit of a shock that they weren’t too fussed about having any getting ready images but instead just a few of people at the church beforehand and then some photos on the way to the wedding reception. So the afternoon began at St Nicholas Church in Bradwell, a special place for me as it has strong family ties, so it’s always a pleasure to come back here, especially when you think about that view out of the church doors across the valley. Ross and Emma had hired an old vintage Sheffield double decker bus to take everyone from the wedding to the reception which was to be held at The Showroom Cinema in Sheffield.

En route to The Showroom meant we had some lovely straight roads as we dropped down into Loxely and these made for some great stops to get a few shots of Ross and Emma on their own outside this fantastic vintage vehicle. It’s always really nice to see how accommodating other road users are as well when we have to do shots like this, many stopping and just giving us a minute to get the shot we wanted without causing a fuss, instead offering toots of affection on the horn and clapping the couple. On arrival at The Showroom Cinema you could see that Ross and Emma were seriously into their films, the room was amazing and the details that had gone onto each table just made such a lovely touch to the day. I stayed to take a few shots of the guests before the meal and left them to the rest of their day.

Have a look at a few images from their day below…