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Imagine your wedding day

Imagine a wedding day where everyone has had a fantastic morning getting ready and super excited for the day ahead. Guests arrive at the wedding venue, itching to see their family & friends celebrating the wedding of the year. The ceremony arrives, and it’s what everyone has been building up to for months; it’s here, they’re married, and now the party starts.

Everyone gets to the wedding reception, the fizz is flowing, the beer glasses are chinking (that responsible friend has already ordered some shots), and everyone has welcomed you in. All that pressure you might have felt has gone; you’re looking around the room as “the newlyweds” at everyone enjoying your day. Then there’s that tap on the shoulder; it’s the photographer starting roll calls with a long list of line-up photos in their hand. They start ordering you guys and your guests around. You’re stood around for what feels like the entire afternoon while people are re-arranged and told to “say cheese”.

The Maynard wedding photo

I’ve seen it, and I don’t think it’s what people want anymore. Fair enough, there might be the odd few photos people want with VIPs like the grandparents that I get entirely.

But if you’re looking for a whole heap of traditional photos, there are many photographers out there who do that, and you certainly won’t have to look far at all. But you won’t find that here with me.

If you’re anything like me, then I think what you want is a photographer to capture the moments and emotions. No standing around, no being asked to say cheese, just being able to enjoy spending time with your wedding guests (after all, it’s why you invited them).

If this sounds like you, then read on…

Tom Just made the day!

The number of times Tom and I have said ‘Tom just made the day’ we can’t count. It was so wonderful. Cannot wait to see the photos. It was an honour to have you there to join in the fun.
Tom & Philippa

I won’t keep you standing around for hours

On your wedding day, the last thing you want to be doing is to be stood around for ages. You’ve put all that time and money into planning the day you guys wanted. The day you get to spend time with your family. Laugh (and cry) with your friends. You are enjoying the moments and making memories.

You could book someone to photograph more staged stuff, but what’s the drama?

Well, the drama is that you’ll miss out on the fantastic moments that unfold while you’re photographer is setting everything up, and then there will be even fewer of those real moments happening while people wait for instructions. Double whammy!

I wouldn’t want that for my wedding day, and if you’re reading this, the likelihood is you don’t either.

Forget the awkward posing

Much like “you’re on mute” is the phrase of 2020, the phrase of my career meeting people as a wedding photographer is “I don’t like having my photo taken”. Naturally, a few love it, but for many, that isn’t the case. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still look amazing on your wedding day in your photos.

It would be best if you didn’t feel awkward having your photo taken because I want you to enjoy your day and remember it that way, too. It would be best to feel comfortable and relaxed; that way, we can make amazing images for you. That only comes from having a photographer who understands you and captures just that.

My style is to let my couples be themselves with each other to get a true reflection of their bond and personalities. Yes, I might be able to give you some helpful direction. But I won’t be standing there saying “SMILE”!

What Adam & Laura said about me…

We’ve just received our wedding photos back from Tom and they are amazing! We couldn’t recommend him enough. I first came across Tom on Facebook after admiring his Peak District landscape photos and knew that we wanted him to capture our special day. From the first meeting, we knew we’d made the right choice, Tom is very friendly, welcoming, and professional and was so good at capturing natural, candid shots of our guests which were exactly what we wanted. So many of our guests commented on how friendly and hard-working he was, going above and beyond to blend in with our guests whilst capturing lots of special moments. Thank you so much.
Adam & Laura

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