Wedding photography prices

Because I cover the whole of the UK and beyond I tailor my pricing depending on where your big day is going to take place and what you want from your wedding photography as well. I would love to chat more with you about your day so please do fill out the enquiry form below as well as checking out what you will get from me when I photograph your awesome day.

    A free consultation so we can get to know each other and I can find out what makes you tick – but if you’re a bit more than a hop skip and a jump from the Hope Valley then I might just have to ask you for a bit of petrol money.

    Complete coverage of your unforgettable special day – right from the early morning right through to the crazy evening dances, I want to make sure you get the story of your day.

    An online gallery of your images for you to preview first and then share with your guests, friends and family.

    A short slideshow preview a couple of weeks after your wedding, beatmatched to music as a quick way for you to relive the day before all the images are ready to view.

    I don’t put a limit on the digital high-res images I deliver to you, I simply shoot all day and deliver to you what I think are the best out of the days photography. Many of my couples in the last few years have received anywhere between 600 and 1,000 images of their special day. One thing I don’t do is limit it to a number of images that I will deliver to you.

    All images edited to a professional standard so everyone looks nice and pretty – all supplied to you on a beautiful wooden bamboo USB memory drive in a lovely wooden presentation case so you can view them on any device and take them with you anywhere without worrying about scratched disks. You can even plug them into the TV to show your friends and family or take them to photo printing stores and download them to your phones and tablets not to mention your computer (oh and I always make sure I have backup copies too). I also put in 50 6″x4″ prints to tell a short story of your day

    I won’t restrict you printing your images, I will obviously as the creator maintain the copyright but you as the recipients will get a release on the USB to allow you to print your images, of course!

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