Pip + Andy | Losehill House Hotel

It was an absolute pleasure when Pip + Andy decided to book me for my relaxed documentary-style wedding photography at Losehill House Hotel. One of the first weddings to start 2022 and what a lovely start it was, we were blessed with some gorgeous weather and clear blue skies, Losehill House always looks very clean, crisp and dramatic against a rich blue Spring sky.

The day started for me with bridal prep, everyone was in great spirits and excited for the day ahead. It was lovely to document Andy’s mum doing the hair and makeup for Pip which I thought was a really nice touch to have your future mum as your professional hair and MUA. The girls all had a proud array of drinks and snacks on show, so needless to say on top of that and it being the best day of Pip’s life; everyone was in a great mood. The chaps were in just as good spirits and after visits them it was easy to see why, having enjoyed a few drams of a fine looking Penderyn Bryn Terfel single malt whisky (don’t worry Pip, Andy was being very sensible and reserved though), boys after my own heart there! I always enjoy documenting the getting ready phases with both the bride and groom, which is certainly easy to do when you’re at a venue such as Losehill House. It makes it possible to be very close to both parties without any danger of them seeing one another and risking any wedding day bad luck – after all who wants to risk that!

The ceremony for Pip + Andy’s Losehill Hall wedding was delightful, it’s always lovely to use the abundance of natural light that’s available in the orangey at Losehill Hall. Andy looking a little nervous and excited all at the same time while Pip’s dad looking very proud walking an extremely happy looking Pip down the aisle in front of their nearest and dearest. After the ceremony we braved the cooler March weather to get the group photos as well as some gorgeous portraits of Pip + Andy on the lane leading down to Losehill House. I love doing the portraits with my couples as I always think it’s a nice time to just have a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the day and let everything sink in a little – plus it’s great to create some beautiful photos to cherish.

After the meal it was straight into the big three speeches, Pip’s dad starting the proceedings with a lovely heartfelt father-of-the-bride speech, spilling a few funny stories about Pip as well as some prouder memories as a father. Then it was time for Andy’s brothers to be let lose piling the beans to everyone about what it was like to grow up with their brother, needless to say there was a room filled with laughter – personally I thought they were very tasteful and original in their speech. I particularly loved the props they had carefully laid out on the table to play the counterpart, especially the comparison of Andy’s many hairstyles over the years (photo below)!

Andy + Pip had a pair of amazing looking weddings cakes, one cheese (I was most excited about that one) and one sponge and icing, but they didn’t want to do a cake cut or first dance, so after the speeches it was straight into the dancing – for everyone! An amazing band leading the way meant that for the entire time I was there none of the guests took a break from the dance floor and I love to see that commitment. That being said it’s not hard when the band are playing an amazing set.

Anyway enough from me, have a watch of their photo highlights video below or you can always scroll through the images underneath. Enjoy.


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Pip + Andy’s wedding preview video…

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Pip + Andy’s wedding photo previews…

Are you thinking of getting married at Losehill House Hotel?

Losehill House Hotel is a fantastic wedding venue in the Peak District and it’s always a pleasure to be back here taking gorgeous wedding photos for couples. I’ve curated a small page all about Losehill House as a wedding venue so you can check that out on the link below.

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