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Peak Edge Hotel wedding photographer

A spectacular Peak District wedding venue for any Peak Edge Hotel wedding photographer!

I'm always excited to be a Peak Edge Hotel wedding photographer. It's a spectacular location for your wedding day. Including weddings, civil ceremonies, humanist ceremonies, civil partnerships and functions. Peak Edge Hotel wedding photos are always stunning in my eyes as a Peak Edge Hotel wedding photographer!

It's in my list of top 10 wedding venues to get married at for the perfect Peak District wedding day. I think what really makes Peak Edge Hotel so special for a wedding is that you get exclusive use of the hotel. So no need to worry about random strangers or hotel guests appearing at your wedding. Not even any need to worry that there is going to be another wedding at your venue too, it's literally all yours!

A fantastic wedding venue for wedding photos.

This is truly a fantastic venue to have your wedding at. I love photographing weddings at Peak Edge Hotel for so many reasons. My number one reason has to be the light that you guys get during your wedding ceremony.

Obviously light is important to me as a wedding photographer. It's one of the factors that allows me to take great wedding photos of you at Peak Edge Hotel. The huge window light that pours in to the room during your ceremony gives beautiful flattering light for your Peak Edge Hotel wedding photos. It also has some gorgeous outdoor space which make it's perfect for couples portraits without having to leave the venue at all.

Peak Edge Hotel wedding photo
Peak Edge Hotel wedding photo

Exclusive use of Peak Edge Hotel

A Peak Edge Hotel wedding allows you to host your wedding in the amazing Oak Room. Coupled with the Walton Suite for intimate weddings and a champagne reception on the lawns, you really do get it all!

The Oak Room is a great space to host both the wedding ceremony if you need to have it indoors but there is also a beautiful outdoor space too. But it can also be turned into a fabulous space for your wedding breakfast. Plus the food is really special at Peak Edge Hotel. I've been lucky enough to sample it first hand so I can vouch for that statement!

Party as much and as loud as you like on your wedding day!

Welcome friends for a fantastic house party across the lounge bar and Orangery. With up to 200 dancing to your own private band or DJ. You can really make as much noise as you want. Without worry of disturbing anyone else; apart from maybe the kids.

Plus their hotel means that you can have all of your guests staying the night too. But obviously don't forget to save a room for yourselves too.

Peak Edge Hotel wedding photo

Make it your own

Peak Edge Hotel weddings really give you the freedom though to put your stamp on this beautiful Peak District wedding venue. I have been lucky enough to capture so many Peak Edge Hotel wedding photos where my couples and their families have transformed the venue. Adding their own unique elements to really reflect their own personality on the venue.

From people playing Hammerschlagen on the patio area, Crepes on arrival for the guests and Ice Cream carts to name a few. Peak Edge Hotel wedding photos always manage to show the couples personalities and how they've transformed the venue.

Beautiful views all around for your Peak Edge Hotel wedding photos!

It's a great venue to have the Peak District right on the doorstep and within a very short drive you can be in some beautiful locations. But to be perfectly honest you don't really need to do that.

The lawned area out the back and around the pond area is superb for some super lovely couples portraits at Peak Edge Hotel. There are some gorgeous views from the front area of the hotel just over the road and the lights at the entrance in their own right give options for creative portraits too. Essentially you don't need to leave Peak Edge Hotel at all to get great wedding photos.

Don't just take my word for it

But don’t take my word for it - take a trip to Peak Edge Hotel and see for yourselves! I've had so many lovely couples that I have taken Peak Edge Hotel wedding photos for, they all have one thing in common. They have all said how lovely their wedding day has been at Peak Edge Hotel and how accommodating the team are there.

Peak Edge Hotel wedding photo

Find out more

You can find out more about Peak Edge Hotel weddings over on their website. If you do book (or have already booked) and you're on this page because you're looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day at Peak Edge Hotel then I would love to chat with you. You can get in touch with me using the button below. Or you can have a look through some Peak Edge Hotel wedding stories below in the meantime.

Peak Edge Hotel wedding photo
Peak Edge Hotel wedding photo

Peak Edge Hotel wedding photo video

Have a little look at some highlights from a wedding at Peak Edge Hotel. This is just one wedding where I was a Peak Edge Hotel wedding photographer. You can see more and browse some highlights from the stories below. Feel free to get in touch if you want to see a full gallery too.

Peak Edge Hotel wedding photo stories

I have been a taking Peak Edge Hotel wedding photos for well over 5 years now. Having made countless trips back to Peak Edge Hotel as a wedding photographer I've got loads of wedding photos to show you. Have a look at some of the posts below to see some real wedding stories that I have photographed at Peak Edge Hotel. A Peak District wedding really doesn't get much better for wedding photography at this beautiful Peak Edge Hotel wedding venue.

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