A new addition to the family

So this week we had a new addition to the Hodgson family, my younger brother and his girlfriend are the proud owners of a very beautiful and extremely cute female Bassett Hound puppy called “Pumpkin”. She’s 11 weeks old now and I couldn’t resist the temptation to pop round with my camera and get some low light shots of her and her first night in her new home.

Basset Hounds are a short-legged breed from the hound family and have an amazing sense of smell, hence they were originally bred with the purpose of hunting rabbits and hare, there is only one breed better at tracking smells and that is the Bloodhound. Their name comes from the French word “bas”, meaning “low”, and the attenuation of “et” which translate as “rather low”. In fact Pumpkin is so low that she kept on tripping over her own ears when she started walking around the room which got a few laughs from the family, hopefully she will grow out of that, I’d hate to be tripping over my own ears all the time :-)

So without further a do here are the pictures I managed to get of Pumpkin with only some simple light from a couple of lamps and an aperture of f1.8 on my 50mm portrait lens. Remember if you’re looking for some lovely pet portraits in the comfort of your own home I have a portable studio so I can bring everything to you, just get in touch with me to arrange a session.

140522-Pumpkin-puppy-005-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-075-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-064-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-063-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-048-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-040-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-038-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-028-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-027-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-021-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-015-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-010-LR-WM 140522-Pumpkin-puppy-007-LR-WM

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