New House Farm wedding photo

My style

Every wedding is different, it’s you, your family and your friends that make it so. You can have the same venue, musicians, caterers but it’s the people (that includes you guys) who make your day so very different and that’s what I like to capture in my wedding photography.

My style focuses on documenting your day (I love capturing stories unfold) and taking a short time out to get you some fantastic wall space-worthy wedding portraits. One thing I’m not is the photographer who will spend hours lining people up for list after list of photos when all you want to do is enjoy this fantastic day with your guests. But don’t get me wrong, I will still get some essential family photos if you wish; read my post about whether you should have family group photos on your wedding day. The most important thing for you though, in my opinion, is to have amazing images that tell the story of your once-in-a-lifetime special day.

Birtsmorton Court wedding photo
The Maynard wedding photo
The Maynard wedding photo

Making memories

Whether it’s for the twinkles in eyes that don’t exist yet or for those future friendships I think it’s important to photograph wedding memories for you to love and to share for decades to come.

Time to enjoy your day

I want to make sure that you both get the chance to really make the most of your wedding day and for me that’s you cherishing precious time with family and friends who mean the most to you. The part I play is capturing this for you and giving you that time to spend with those special people in your lives.

Capturing stunning photos

While the majority of your wedding day will be filled with magical moments to capture I always like to take a short time out of the day after the ceremony to get something special with just the two of you. Some stunning portraits whether that be in the beauty of your venue, among an epic view from a Peak District edge or somewhere that is special to you both.I’ll be there to make those photos something you will love forever.

Love, laughter and emotion

I want to capture everything that’s important in your wedding, and to me that’s the emotion… the moments that happen between people whether they are full of energy and laughter or more calm and even sombre moments. It’s important to be able to give a true reflection of your day and the feeling that comes from both of you and your guests rather than trying to engineer a moment, thankfully years of experience have helped me develop an ability to spot these moments unfold.

Fitting in to the party

As much as I am there to capture your day and tell a story I also want to make sure people feel comfortable, I won’t hang around at the edge of a room all day photographing those moments from a distance, I will be in there, in the action, in that moment to make sure you can feel what I could see through the lens. That doesn’t mean though that I am going to be right up there in someone’s face (well… not unless it’s an epic dance floor move or someone doing shots), what I mean is that I like to invest myself into the day, to talk with your family and friends to help them feel at ease around me so I can get the best out of everyone. In a way I almost become another guest at your wedding!

Tom was amazing.
He captured all of the emotion of our special day.

Tom & Phillipa

Covering the whole day

My style is all about telling the story of your day and that means being there to tell the whole story, I mean who ever enjoyed a story where the beginning and the end are missing?! That means I make sure you get coverage from the getting ready in the morning with bridal & groom prep through to the evening dances.

Warwickshire wedding photo
Bakewell wedding photo
Wood Lane Countryside Centre wedding photo

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