My Mum + Dad’s wedding album

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Why am I showing you this?

I wrote a wedding advice post talking all about the handcrafted wedding albums I produce and why I think people should have a wedding album. One of the reasons I have a love for printing photos is purely down to the fact that I have grown up with album after album of photos to look at. My mum is an avid photo album creator and has a whole cupboard full of these old style slip-in photo albums. I love being able to look at my Mum and Dad’s wedding album because it is family legacy. I was only 2 when they got married and although I was there and I am in some of the photos I have no memory of the day at all. These photos are a way for me to able to see their day and also a way for my mum and I to be able to show Robyn what her grandparent’s looked like when they got married.

The layout of a nostalgic album

There is something very nostalgic about the layout of these albums. They are the classic 80’s style clear pages where you slip in the photo and there is a slightly tacky page for everything to stick to. Though you do have to be super careful with them so not to tear any of the clear film, or crease it and getting the photos straight is always fun. Anyway have a little look at the rest of the spreads from their album below.

The full scans of their photos

Because all of Mum and Dad’s wedding photos only exist on print I decided to scan them in and make sure they were at least saved digitally. Plus backed up and then backed up again as part of my usual stringent backup process that all my couples wedding photos go through. By the way the ginger haired kiddo in the fetching knitted tracksuit minesweeping the wine is me! I hope you enjoy looking through the scans of these photos as much as I do and don’t forget to jump over to see why I think you should have a wedding album. Check out these 80’s beauties!

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