Meg + Oli | Sickleholme Golf Club

Straight back to photographing weddings as we break into early February and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But for Meg + Oli today would be their ultimate Valentine’s for each other as they prepare to say their ‘I do’s’. I began the day by visiting Meg and her bridal party entourage for hair and makeup at Meg’s family home. Filled with a lovely calm atmosphere as everyone was in full swing with the final touches to hair and makeup.

I stayed with the bridesmaids until Meg’s very proud-looking dad, Chris, had seen Meg in her wedding dress for the first time. Needless to say, he was an extremely proud-looking dad, a sight that he had been dreaming about for many years by the looks of things. After the first look it was time to hot-foot it down to the “church” to meet Oli and the guys. After nipping to see Oli at the “Shoulder of Mutton Church” we headed across to the road to the real St Barnabas Church. Ben the best man had done a great job keeping Oli relaxed for the ceremony and before long people started to arrive.

Chris of course driving Meg to the church. I’ve known Chris for a good couple of decades now as he’s had many a misfortune to ferry me about in a taxi; often babbling some nonsense after an evening out! I think though that this trip with Meg is probably the highlight of his long-spanning career as a taxi driver.

Meg + Oli’s ceremony was lovely and full of smiles and loving glances between the pair. We had a laugh as they lit the traditional church candle as a married couple and had to try a couple of times to make sure it stayed lit. Don’t worry guys, I definitely felt a slight draft in the church while you were lighting it.

They weren’t sure of some lovely embraces and well wishes from their nearest and dearest as they waited outside the church. After which we grabbed a few group photos, Meg + Oli were very clear that they didn’t want loads of group photos. They wanted to be able to enjoy the day; which is something I often talk about with my couples.

Before heading to their wedding reception we dashed to Stanage Edge for their couples portraits. Of course, ferried across there by Chris. They did great out in the cold of early February in a location that isn’t the warmest spot in the Peak District that’s for sure. But we got some gorgeous light, plenty of laughs and lovely moments to give them both some beautiful couples portraits. We even got Chris in on the action for a couple too.

Then it was time to head down to Sickleholme Golf Club for their wedding reception which was filled with fun and laughter. The dancing later would certainly be something to behold too. But I’ve gone on for long enough now so enough from me, have a watch of their photo highlights video below or you can always scroll through the images underneath. Enjoy.


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Meg + Oli’s wedding preview video…

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Meg + Oli’s wedding photo previews…

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