Jenny + Matt | Barlow Woodseats Hall

My first time visiting Barlow Woodseats Hall and what a gorgeous venue it is, hidden right off the beaten track of Barlow village. With so much character and charm, ooh and not forgetting the Peacocks that are free to roam the grounds. So I arrived at Barlow Woodseats Hall to capture the bridal prep, a nice relaxed vibe with everyone sat round chatting and taking their turns to have hair and makeup done as well as listening to a few good impersonations of the Peacock’s call! Jenny had laid her dress and a few details out beautifully upstairs as well so I captured those and a bonus extra dress to photograph; Jenny had plans to get changed into something more dancing appropriate later on.

I headed down to the church with Jenny and her dad in the wedding car so I could document the journey and also to make it logistically easier in terms of parking and making sure I could be in the church at the right time. Sadly I couldn’t be at the front of church to capture the moments and laughter between Matt and Jenny but the vicar would allow me some scope to be to the side and the back of the church. A lovely church with a dramatic altar as well which made for some lovely photos during the ceremony.

After the ceremony we all headed down to the lychgate so the wedding guests could shower Jenny and Matt with confetti, a few people managing to get a couple of good throws in! I think Matt was chewing on confetti for a good 10 minutes afterwards and certainly chuckled about it on the way up to the Village Sunflowers field. The sunflower field was just below Barlow Woodseats Hall on Johnnygate Lane and Matt and Jenny had said they wanted to have their portraits here. It was great to have this lovely creative space to work in with sunflowers in the middle and loads of wildflowers around the outside. Some dramatic looking portraits in the hard stormy light that the day was giving us with warm sunshine and rain clouds as the backdrop.

After a short journey back to the hall everyone had a short time outside enjoying canapés before quickly fleeing for shelter from one of a few heavy downpours. Sun back out and everyone was free to enjoy some more time from under the shelter, we did a few group photographs and just before the meal Jenny and Matt wanted a couple more minutes having some portraits in the orchard and gardens. A warm welcome to their wedding breakfast with them sat on a little sweetheart table able to enjoy time with each other for their first meal as husband and wife.

After the meal the speeches ensued, all being timed with a sweepstake running and the winner to take the pot of funds. After a short adjudication by the organisers (Jenny’s brothers) it was agreed that there were in fact 2 winners to share the prize pot; one of which happened to be the girlfriend of one of the brothers! Needless to say some of the winnings went towards a tray of shots which quickly made it’s way back through the middle of the dining area as an offering for guests who wanted to participate.

After the meal everyone enjoyed the lovely evening weather we were getting while the rest of the evening guests arrived. It looked good for some evening light in the sky so I asked Jenny and Matt if they wanted to grab 2 minutes for a quick dramatic portrait making use of the last of the evening colour in the sky, we took a short walk into the field and captured some lovely portraits. A couple of minutes later and they were back with everyone and it was time to get in to cut the cake and get the dance floor started.

The DJ was an 80’s and 90’s specialist and he didn’t disappoint with a dance floor that remained full until I left them that was for sure, plenty of great evening dance photos in Jenny and Matt’s gallery to be seen. Anyway enough from me, have a watch of their photo highlights video below or you can always scroll through the images underneath. Enjoy.


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Jenny + Matt’s wedding preview video…

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Jenny + Matt’s wedding photo previews…

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