What is the challenge I am doing?

It’s a bit insane to be honest and it’s all been inspired by a friend of mine called Zach who did the same challenge around a month or so ago and raised £7,000 for Ashgate Hospicecare. I decided that I was so inspired that I would do the same to match the money Zach had raised!

I am going to be riding on my indoor bike for a 24 hour period using a virtual computer programme called Zwift, to simulate a real ride, the programme connects my bike and computer to replicate the climbs and descents as well as adding an element of fun to the task.

I will only be taking brief breaks to change kit, use the loo or to stretch from being on the bike. Over the 24 hour ride I am estimating that I will cover around 300 miles (give or take 10%) which is the equivalent of travelling from Ashgate Hospicecare to Dartmouth! I am aiming to reach a minimum target of £7,000 for this amazing charity.

When is it happening?

Date: Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Time: 10:00am

It will all be streamed live on YouTube

I will be looking to finish at around 10:00am the following day, Thursday 4th June 2020 but the time may be slightly later, I want to get as close as possible to physically riding for 24 hours!

Why am I doing this?

Some of you may or may not know but in 2018 my dad fell very unexpectedly ill and after a short spell in hospital our family was dealt the mind-numbing, devastating and gut wrenching news that my dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer!

Dad was many things to many people but to me he was my hero. He was the man who taught me so much in life without ever having to actually sit me down and teach it to me. He lead by example with a degree of selflessness which is unmatched by anyone in my estimation.

We received so much care and kindness from Ashgate, so much so that there is an endless support network for my mum and in that she is trying to rebuild her life. I don’t think until you have seen the support and care from Ashgate first hand that you can truly appreciate what they do for people in their local community. In my humble opinion they are an essential part of people’s lives but sadly have to survive on their own two feet and this is why I want to fundraise for them!

Click on the video below to hear first hand why I am doing this…

I took this photo of mum and dad unknown to them (on my phone) one Sunday evening after a normal day out logging. Little did we all know how soon after this our lives would be turned up side down and the heartache that was to follow. We were so thankful we had some time with dad and we were even more thankful for what Ashgate did for our whole family. They truly are an amazing charity and we want to make sure they can continue to deliver the service they do so well to North Derbsyhire.

How can you help me?

There’s a couple of ways you can help me to achieve both the fundraising and also the challenge itself. I am not going to lie to you, I am scared about this challenge and a little excited all at the same time, scared because I am going to push myself phyiscally and mentally to places I haven’t been yet but excited to do this to raise money for Ashgate Hospicecare!

So here they are…

  • Donate

    If you can give any sum of money at all it would be amazing and especially if you can add on the GiftAid, you can donate quickly, easily and securely on my JustGiving page. If you have already donated then a massive thank you to you already. I am currently sitting at just over £7,000 raised so far with a week to go!

The clock ticks down now with just over 1 week to go until the challenge, some gentle training left to do and then it’ll be a few days resting before the event. So this just leaves me to say a big thank you for reading this email which I have tried to keep informative, appealing but also short for you. Any support or donations that you can give me would be amazing!