How to flag your photos for selection requests from me

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When I send you a selection request, you can flag images directly in the gallery and then send the selection back to me so I can move your images onto the next stage in the process of your order.

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How to Select Photos

1. When the request is sent, you will receive an email similar to the one below. Click Flag Photos to begin.

2. Hover over the image and then the Flag Icon on the desired photo, and checkmark the selection you would like the photo to be included in.

How to Review your Selection and Send to Tom

1. Click on the Flag Icon in the navigation bar.

2. Choose the selection of flagged photos.

3. You can remove any photos from the selection tray, as well as Add my Favorites and Remove All photos.

4. Once satisfied with the selection, click Send to Photographer to send your selection to the photographer.

Did you pick too many?

Just so you know, you can send a selection with less than or the exact amount of photos I have asked for, but not more than the requested amount. If you picked too many you’ll get a message like this, all you need to do is remove the flags until you’re within the requested limit of photos.

Need some more guides?

If you need another how-to guide just have a look on this page of my website

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