Ed & Megan Bamford Edge surprise engagement photos

Ed got in touch with me back in December 2020 to have a chat with me about his plans to surprise his partner Megan with an engagement proposal. Naturally, I was so excited since I love being part of an engagement photoshoot from the planning right through to photographing and even more so in the delivery of the images. We discussed where Ed might like to propose to Megan and he said that he had seen some lovely photos of Bamford Edge proposals on my Instagram feed so the foundations were laid, we set to planning a suitable date (around lockdown) and how to go about the proposal.

Unfortunately due to Covid Ed's plans of proposing while travelling with Megan in New Zealand had been cut short and so Ed had settled for alternatives using the gorgeous and accessible Peak District as the perfect place for his surprise proposal. Due to lockdowns, we had to keep shifting the originally planned date for the proposal forward but after some rescheduling, we managed to get to a suitable date. Living in Derbyshire already he was familiar with the area and how to get to Bamford Edge which made planning the earlier start easy for him. Megan is a keen horserider so there were some logistics to plan in terms of making sure they were up early enough to get to Bamford Edge so we could make use of the best light, at the same time as not prompting any suspicion from Megan. I love the air of mystery and the lengths the wannabe future fiances have to go to to ensure everything goes to plan.

So with everything set, I got up onto Bamford Edge ready for them to arrive and kept in communication with Ed to make sure everything was going as planned. Ed & Megan soon arrived and after a little bit of nervous pondering, Ed calmly pulled out some notes from his pocket and read what must have been something very touching to Megan (given her emotional reaction). Steadily popped down to one knee and asked the question to a very excited Megan, you can guess what the answer was from the photos below...