The Dambusters 70th memorial flyby

It was great to head up to Derwent Dam to see the Battle of Britain flyby to commemorate the 70th anniversary. Amazing to see some iconic aircraft such as the Lancaster Bomber and the Spitfire but with a modern twist as we also got a chance to see a couple of Tornado Jets embellished with a graphic to celebrate the occasion.

I can honestly say it was a real hair raiser to see the Lancaster Bomber fly across the dam wall all 3 times, if I hadn’t been capturing the event I would have truly loved too just stand and salute what is an amazing piece of British aircraft and a big part of my heritage as a dweller of the lovely village of Bamford. Of course we hosted the famous 617 Squadron which is better known as the Dambusters who formed during the Second World War to carry out what was to be a very dangerous but incredibly important mission, especially in terms of boosting moral back home in the UK.

Here are my photos from the day (you can click them to make them bigger and see the whole photo), if you wish to purchase any of them as prints and canvases please get in touch with me

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