Children’s Christmas photoshoot

Round up the kids for a Christmas photoshoot on Saturday 21st December 2013 at The Peveril Centre in Castleton. I will be running 45 minute sessions to photograph your children just in time for you to show the family and friends some lovely photos during the festive season. I am offering to run two types of session, one is a baby cake smash session and the other is simply a normal photo shoot. Each session will be shot against a clean white background using professional studio lighting equipment so we get your little cherubs looking perfect for all the family to see.

What will you get and how much does it cost?

  • 45 minute session

    You will get a whole dedicated 45 minute photo shoot

  • All images

    You’re not just going to get a limited number of images, you’re going to get all the best shots

  • Professionally edited

    All the images are professionally edited by me to make sure nothing is amiss

  • Copies burnt to disc

    All copies are burned onto disc and yours to keep forever – for an additional £15 you can have the images supplied on a USB drive

  • All at a special price

    You get all of this at a special Christmas price of £35

What do you need to bring?

  • Yourself and your child

    It wouldn’t work without you guys – if you want to bring more than one child with you that’s fine, it’s an additional £10 per child per session

  • Cake!

    If you’re booking on for the baby cake smash then you will need to bring a cake with you. Here’s a few pointers on the choice of your cake; dark coloured cakes don’t work very well so white or light colored cake is best. It is best to steer clear of bright white icing as it can be very easy to overexpose and won’t look good in the photos. If you have to use white icing, it’s nice to break up the white with sprinkles or other decorations. Put a big numbered candle on there as babies are attracted to them, and it helps keep the baby’s interest in sticking around and smashing that candle into the cake. Also, cupcakes can provide the same effect as a birthday cake but at a lower price.

  • Baby wipes

    I’m sure you will already have them in your arsenal of baby belongings but remember to bring some baby wipes if you’re going for the cake smash as things will get messy!

  • Christmas clothes and hat

    If you want to make things looks Christmassy make sure you bring your child along all dressed up looking like a mini santa or elf or whatever you like

  • Other items for the scene

    Maybe you’re not going for a cake smash or a Christmas theme – well why not bring along your child’s favourite toy, a nice colourful blanket or anything else you would like to include in the pictures

How to book…

The booking will be done very much on a first come first served and can be done by contacting me. All you have to do is make sure you select the 21st December, the time you want and then pay online via PayPal. You will receive a confirmation of booking via email. The sessions will be starting at 10am and running through to 7pm so places will be limited – make sure you go ahead and book your appointment quickly to avoid any disappointment for this Christmas offer by contacting me.

If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch with me

Please note this offer is only valid for 21st December 2014 and cannot be transferred to another day due to the short timescale of this offer publication and it’s redeem date I cannot offer refunds.
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