Last light bluebells and Ladybower sunset

So I had finally made the 17 mile commute home from work on my road bike, after all it was a beautiful day and I am in training for the London 100 which I am doing to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It was a a lovely warm and sunny evening – something […]

How would the world we know look to us from a birds-eye view?

Famous landmarks like the Arc Du Triumph, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Sagrada Familia have been photographed countless times by photographers from around the world, and they are recognizable to most, if not all, of us. But this collection of stunning aerial photographs gives us a bird’s-eye-view of these places, casting them in a […]

The Dambusters 70th memorial flyby

It was great to head up to Derwent Dam to see the Battle of Britain flyby to commemorate the 70th anniversary. Amazing to see some iconic aircraft such as the Lancaster Bomber and the Spitfire but with a modern twist as we also got a chance to see a couple of Tornado Jets embellished with […]

Cropping guidelines for portrait photography

  I was giving some feedback the other day to a fellow photographer about cropping positions when photographing portraits and it reminded me of a great diagram which gives a visual representation on where are the do’s and don’ts of cropping people in portrait photography.