Best Wedding Photography of 2023

I call it my best but what I should really be saying is my favourite photos from what I have taken across the weddings I’ve been lucky enough to document in 2023. For me it isn’t all about the images being perfect or for them to even be the most creative images I have ever taken. Instead I’ve selected the images that resonate with me for one reason or another, because for me there are FUN and FEELS in each one of them! Exactly what I tell everyone that I love to capture while I’m documenting the wedding story that I see in front of me. If you want to skip my drivel you can skip to the video or the photos using these buttons…

Yes, some of the images might not make sense to everyone but to me they mean something. To some degree there will always be an unknown backstory for the viewer, but for me, I can remember every story behind every image I’ve taken. I might have a memory like a sieve at times but when it comes to a photo I seem to be able to instantly remember what was happening! If you ever want to know I’d love to tell you the story behind the image I’ve shown out of the circa 200 included here.

So I haven’t chosen any single image here because I think it’s an award worthy image, I decided to make my selections on the merit that it’s an image that I like. Because these are the sorts of images that I want to continue capturing next year in 2024 and beyond. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for any single image in here to win an award and I’d love that as an accolade both for me and my couples but it isn’t my deciding factor. Speaking of awards, it was amazing to win a cheeky little award, *insert blushes here*.

Thank you

Finally a thank you to every single couple and guest at every wedding I’ve been part of this year. It’s been one heck of a year and I have loved being a wedding photographer for another year. I genuinely feel blessed to be able to call this job my profession and what makes it possible is you guys. So thank you for trusting me to document your day, for being lovely people and for all the love that you have given me back. I hope everyone has an amazing festive period and that 2024 brings you everything you want. I’m certainly looking forward to capturing more amazing weddings next year.

Now sit back for a few minutes and watch the video below and look through the gallery of images.

My best wedding photography of 2023 showreel…

My best wedding photography of 2023 gallery…

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