Bamford Christmas lights 2014

Well it’s that time of year again where we’re all getting ready for Christmas and Bamford has been no exception to the rule. Although it does have to be said that there has been an overwhelmingly exceptional support for the Bamford Christmas lights project
which has been managed by Sue Beckett one of the Bamford with Thornhill Parish councillors. Sue has been tirelessly contacting people and businesses in Bamford and the Hope Valley to raise over £6,000 for the beautiful display of Christmas lights which now decorate the village.

Now Christmas has to be my favourite time of year by far, for me it’s a time to spend time with those who mean most to me and to be thankful for what we have. From being a young child I’ve always had a mother who shares Buddy the Elfs enthusiasm for Christmas and especially the Christmas lights, so much so that my dad always makes the joke about calling the National Grid before we switch them on. It’s lovely to see now that there is a fantastic display of Christmas lights in the village from Bamford through to The Yorkshire Bridge Inn but it doesn’t stop there. Sue has plans to get even more lights up if people want to donate more for next years display – so why not get in touch with Sue Beckett to find out how you can help :-)

The idea for the lights came about after the Old Folk’s village lights were condemned last Christmas and it would have been such a shame to see only street lights through Bamford this Christmas. So a plan was put into place for the fundraising and the design of the lights. Big thanks has to go to John Cotton who designed the decoration of the lights and where they would work best, it has to be said that they do look truly magical. However John can’t take all the credit as there was some serious dedication and hard work from Peter Hearnshaw and Gordon Danks who have selflessly dedicated every weekend since the end of September to the end of November to make sure Bamford was lit up like a Christmas tree, literally!! They couldn’t have done it without the gallons of tea and packs of biscuits supplied by Sarah Bawden and Nigel and Jill Hopkins who also kindly supplied the electricity too, not forgetting to mention the stacks of butties from Kate Hearnshaw. We also had some kind power supply from Ben McIntyre, Stan Willis and John Ollerenshaw.

It has to be said that the whole project has had a real sense of typical village community spirit, something I love about living in the countryside. Of course it all takes a lot of time and dedication from a core group of people but it wouldn’t have happened without the generous donations from residents of Bamford and local businesses. Some notable donations were received from Councillors John Walton and Tony Favell of High Peak Borough Council, Councillor Jocelyn Street of Derbyshire County Council, the Bamford Women’s Institute, Hope Construction Materials, Sir Hugh & Lady Sykes and Jamie Boot of Henry Boot Construction.

As well as the above donations there were plenty of other generous people who were also happy to be mentioned; Yorkshire Bridge Inn, Anglers Rest, Derwent, Bamford Institute, Bamford Old Folks Fund, Bamford with Thornhill Recreation Ground, Country Store, Bamford Dental Practice, Bamford Bowls Club, Bamford with Thornhill Parish Council, Bamford Sheep Dog Trials Association, Mick Crookes, Networks, EPB Books, Bamford Bakery, Carol Parker, Gripple Ltd, Catherine Young, Bamford Carnival, Julia & Frank Bigley, Bamford Garden Society, Margaret Gartside, Penelope Reese, Dr & Mrs P Spencer, Carol Cotton, Liz Marshall, Mary Bloxham, John Simpson, Audrey Bacon, Audrey Buxton, Lorraine Parker, Ray Platts, Gillian Hall, Val Fells, Elaine Frost, Maureen & Malcolm Dungworth, Marilyn & Malcolm Vines, Debbie & Jimmy Crookes, Jane Vines, Paul & Jo’ Snell, Mrs Cotton and Demelza.

The team members for the projects were:

Sue Beckett – Manager/Fundraiser
John Cotton – Design & installation
Pete Hearnshaw – Surveying, groundworks, traffic management and installation
Gordon Danks – Groundworks & traffic management
Martin James – Cherry picker operator & installation
James Boot (HCM electrician) – Control boxes
David Shephard – Groundworks Assistant
Dave Bevan – Groundworks Assistant
Suzanne Elliot – Groundworks Assistant
Dave Treacher – Installation
John Hollis – Installation & scaffolding
Chris Williams – Installation
Denry Leighton – Installation
Alex Conheeney – Installation apprentice
Nigel Eyre – Installation
Andrew & Malcolm Thorpe Installation of the Crib on the Green
Roger Mather – Installation at Bamford Parish Church
Kath Hearnshaw – Chief Sandwich supplier
Sarah Bawden – Chief tea and biscuit supplier
Nigel and Jill Hopkins – Electricity supply, encouragement and cups of coffee & biscuits
Ben McIntyre – Electricity supply and encouragement
Paul Storer, Tom & Billy – Cherry Picker
Stan Willis – Installation and Electricity supply
John Ollerenshaw – Installation and Electricity supply
Michael Thorpe – Installation
Harry Beckett – Switch on box
Howard Ward – Installation advice
Bamford WI – Serving mulled wine & stolen on 30 November
Tom Hodgson – Photos of ‘switching on’ ceremony and all lights in Village

And last but not least here are the fantastic display of Christmas lights in Bamford taken by myself on the opening night where Lady Sykes attended to officially turn the lights on.

Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-1 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-19 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-18 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-17 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-16 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-15 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-14 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-13 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-12 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-11 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-10 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-9 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-8 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-7 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-6 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-5 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-4 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-3 Bamford-village-Christmas-lights-2014-2

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