Ashley + Rebecca | Eyam Hall

It was my absolute pleasure to document Ashley + Rebecca’s wedding at Eyam Hall earlier this year. I remember meeting Ashley + Rebecca on a Zoom call along with their two pet chihuahuas, and we all hit it off straight away, which is always a lovely thing to happen when I meet with my couples. They told me about their plans for the day and how they wanted to keep it small and intimate with their closest friends and family; this is why they had chosen the gorgeous Eyam Hall and the Coolstone restaurant, which was on site. Earlier last year, we also did a lovely pre-wedding shoot on the grounds of Chatsworth Gardens so Ashley + Rebecca knew exactly how their couples portrait session would be on the day, we captured some great images together there, and I was so looking forward to their wedding day, even more, having spent time with them both.

The morning of their wedding day came, and I met Rebecca and her bridesmaids and mum at the bridal suite in Eyam Hall; it was a lovely chilled morning with them all and plenty of lovely moments. We had a little trip out into the garden to see the amazing flower work from Tamyrn’s Treasures as the gazebo was being prepared for the wedding; the girls even had a sneaky little look in on the groomsmen hut to check out their stash of beers and snacks before they arrived (no one pinched any I promise!). There were plenty of leaky eyes happening between the bridesmaids as the day grew closer and closer to the ceremony and it was clear to see how much Rebecca meant to them all.

As Ashley and the chaps arrived, I nipped down to say hello, and document what they were up to, including working out Rebecca’s dads telltale sign that he was about to cry; popping his finger on the end of his nose was the cue! I only noticed when photographing his reaction at the gorgeous cufflinks Rebecca had gotten for him to wear on the day; “Dad, of all the walks we’ve taken, this one is my favourite” inscribed on them. Anyone who has been at a wedding with me will know that I am a sucker for emotion, I love seeing it, and to me when people cry, it’s the visual aspect of emotion that I can capture to show how much they care and how emotionally invested they are in this day. I certainly know I will be crying at my daughter’s wedding when that day comes.

Back up to bridal prep for the final stages and the reveal to dad; yep, you guessed it, more crying to follow and a few more weepy eyes from the bridesmaids too. It was lovely to also be back outside for the ceremony at Eyam Hall and capture the entrances from the gate into the garden and across the lawn to an emotional reaction from Ashley. Their ceremony was lovely and followed by plenty of confetti, love and hugs on show from everyone. After the group shots and while the guests enjoyed the canapes and croquet on the lawn, I nipped Ashley + Rebecca away in the grounds of Eyam Hall for some wedding portraits of the two of them (as well as a little surprise reveal photo with Ashley’s sister and partner too).

We headed into the wedding breakfast, and it was lovely to be included in the seating plan, too with the guests – Ashley insisting that I was very much part of the day and they wanted me to be involved; it’s so lovely to be thought of like this, and I enjoyed my time on the table with the group of lovely people I sat with. The speeches that followed the meal were absolutely heartfelt and it was so nice to bear witness to the extremely close bond that Ashley and his new father-in-law have developed too. The first dances were lovely too, with a dance between Ashley + Rebecca but then also Rebecca with her dad and Ashley with his mum before kicking the party off with some DJ’ing by one of the guests and Ashley even got up to do a short set (after all it is his day job).

Anyway enough from me, have a watch of their photo highlights video below or you can always scroll through the images underneath. Enjoy.


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Ashley + Rebecca’s wedding preview video…

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Ashley + Rebecca’s wedding photo previews…

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