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So it seems like this wedding (like quite a few this year) have been a long time coming around and I was especially excited for this one since I’d met Alex and Gabi some time ago at another wedding. Back in October 2019, when I photographed Tom + Philipa’s wedding, I got to photograph and spend plenty of time around Alex + Gabi; quickly realising what a lovely couple they were and also how much fun they were too. So here we are 3 years later and I’m able to share with you the photos from their fantastic wedding day at Peak Edge Hotel, a venue I always love coming back to and one I have seen go from strength to strength as they continue to really invest in making it a luxurious place to get married.

I started with the girls in the bridal suite when I got to Peak Edge Hotel, Gabi had got the full entourage there, and everyone was having a lovely time, and it was such a lovely atmosphere to be welcomed into as well. There was plenty of fun, laughter and fizz being poured to keep the good times rolling. It was also clear early on that today was going to be one of those weddings where the emotion was going to flow as well, between Gabi’s mum crying at the thoughtful bridal girl’s illustration from the bridesmaids and the leaky eyes of the bridesmaids seeing Gabi in her dress. Now anyone who reads my blogs (that’s if people do even read these bits, haha) will know that I love it when there are tears about, it’s the way I can show the emotion that was there from a photographer’s perspective and lets me tell the story.

It was quite funny that Gabi and Alex had ended up for prep in rooms just across the corridor from each other and that just made it great for me to be able to nip back and forth between the 2 groups of bride squad and groom squad. I arrived with Alex and the boys to find them trying to hilariously fold up one of the sofa beds, now this was definitely a MENSA test in the making and Alex showing great skill in being able to do it all one-handed; after all you can’t put the gin down on the side in case one of the other guys snaffles it. After a few comical moments of putting the bed away and capturing some chatting and laughter I nipped downstairs with them to capture a few photos outside before heading back up to see Gabi’s dad getting to see Gabi in her beautiful dress.

Back to the emotion now, before the bridal party had even walked down the aisle, Alex was already feeling the emotion and it all started with being offered a bunch of hankies in readiness; family and friends obviously knew him well. But like I say, I love that; isn’t there a little phrase that ‘real men cry’, well then Alex must definitely be a ‘real man’. The leaky eyes started before the ceremony and continued in plenty of parts right through to after the speeches, the best moment was when Gabi and her dad walked down the aisle, and you could clearly see how much love Alex has for Gabi. Their ceremony was beautiful and we retired outside for the Summer sunshine they had been blessed with to be greeted with an endless amount of hugs, kisses and well wishes before we started the group photos and the confetti shower.

After using the lovely garden, lawn and pond area at Peak Edge Hotel for their couples portraits, it was time to let Alex and Gabi get back to enjoying time with friends and family before they headed into their wedding breakfast. After the wedding breakfast, I covered the speeches, which were full of laughter, great stories, and yes you guessed it; some more Alex tears. I love the speeches as it’s great to hear some heartfelt and funny stories about the couples and their time with each other as well as their younger selves growing up. After the speeches, everyone headed outside for the evening Summer sunshine and it was loads of fun to capture an inpromtu game of cricket, the ball being a champagne cork and the bat being an empty wine bottle. Needless to say it made for some great photos and I loved the ingenuity shown by the guests to have some fun here!

After a quick 5 minutes sunset portraits with Alex and Gabi we all headed back inside for their first dance which opened the doors for the dance floor to flood with their guests so they could enjoy chucking out all sorts of shapes… Anyway enough from me, have a watch of their photo highlights video below or you can always scroll through the images underneath. Enjoy.

Alex + Gabi’s wedding preview video…

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Alex + Gabi’s wedding photo previews…

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