The Classic Coffee Table Book

The press printed Classic Coffee Table Book is the perfect solution for anyone looking for maximum value while offering unparalleled choice and freedom of design, this budget photo book comes in A4 & A3 formats with a satin print finish and the option for leatherette, linen or hardback image wrap on the covers. Presented in beautiful boutique packaging.

Cover options

Choose from a range of options; leatherette, linen and hardback image wrap


The following leatherette cover options are available.


The following linen cover options are available.


The following hardback image wrap cover options are available.

Sizes and pricing

Choose your album size and the number of spreads you would like

One spread = 2 pages (imagine you had a book or magazine open, the two pages you see are called a spread), it’s quite nice to have a mix of variation to the number of images on a spread, from one really wide image right up to having a selection of multiple images. As a general guide you should allow a maximum of 30 images for every 5 spreads (10 pages) that you choose. The album sizes are measured in inches.

Album size30 spreads40 spreads50 spreads60 spreads70 spreads80 spreads
14 x 10″£160£175£190£205£220£235