Adam + Kirsty | Whirlowbrook Hall

What a gorgeous Autumnal time of year for a wedding day. Adam and Kirsty got married back in November at the lovely Whirlowbrook Hall and thankfully were blessed with the weather and the golden oranges typical to this time of year.

I started the day off meeting up with the girls for bridal prep at Whirlowbrook Hall which instantly started with loads of laughter and banter which I absolutely love, it’s such a great way to be brought into the fold and especially during bridal prep. I often find that it helps me forge great relationships for the rest of the day which helps to bring out the best in the photos in the long run. Adam and Kirsty’s little ones joined us as well and it was funny seeing the sights of champagne stealing by dummy dunking into a champagne glass only to get stuck and need fishing out by one of the bridesmaids.

Closer to the ceremony the boys arrived (coincidently just as the bottles of Peroni on ice were served) so I borrowed them for 10 minutes to capture some images of them on the driveway under the trees and the burnt orange tones of Autumn. Plenty of laughter again and a few blue steel looks made the photos fun and the proof really is there in the photos, lots of natural laughter caught between the guys joking around with each other.

We did have a little hiccup though in the day when we discovered there were some logistical problems for the registrars being able to arrive at their allotted time for the ceremony. But Adam, Kirsty and all the guests took it in their stride, it just meant there was a bit more time to socialise before the wedding and let the suspense build for Adam and Kirsty who to be fair took it all in their stride. The ceremony was lovely with one of the bridesmaids walking their family dog down the aisle to join them too. It was especially great to see a few tears from Adam too, I think (especially as a photographer) that it’s such a lovely thing to see emotion coming out of people.

Afterwards, it was time for the drinks reception and a few group photos that Adam and Kirsty wanted to capture before we took 15 minutes away from the guests to get some couples portraits on the grounds at Whirlowbrook. We got some lovely images amongst the autumnal colours and landscapes of Whirlowbrook Hall which never fails to give plenty of views to make gorgeous couples portraits.

It was lovely to have a seat at the table with the guests for the wedding breakfast as well, it’s nice to have that time to chat with friends of Adam & Kirsty and really get to know the people most important to them. Afterwards, it was time for the speeches with some great moments from the best man Elliott telling us some amusing truths about Adam and then Adam’s sister giving a full-on PowerPoint supported speech, both getting plenty of laughs from the guests. It was great to stay well into the night as well and watch these guys party, including Adam doing the worm across the dancefloor – little did I know that this wouldn’t be the last one this weekend with back-to-back weddings to photograph.

Anyway enough from me, have a watch of their photo highlights video below or you can always scroll through the images underneath. Enjoy.


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Adam + Kirsty’s wedding preview video…

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Adam + Kirsty’s wedding photo previews…

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