I’m Tom Hodgson – the guy behind the lens, I like to photograph pretty much anything & everything. I live in the Hope Valley in the glorious Peak District in Derbyshire. Although I’m based in the Hope Valley I will cover anywhere in the UK or even further (but you might have to pay for the plane ticket). I can photograph many disciplines including portraits, products, landscapes, events, weddings, sports and pretty much anything else that you might want a photographer for. I am a pretty chilled out chap and easy to get along with which is really important when you are choosing a photographer, it’s important that you choose a photographer who you can relax with – that’s why I won’t ever be pushy with you.

My first experiences of photography were as a young boy being given a little 35mm point and shoot camera, I loved to take images with it and it was even better when the films came back – that moment of unwrapping the Klick developed pack of 6 x 4 photos with my mum. I’m not sure my parents were so keen at the amount of film I would go through and you can imagine the excitement when digital cameras came out – turning expensive film into a quick money saver for them. I’m very lucky to have had such supportive parents and it has helped me develop my photography from the old slightly blurred images as an 8 year old to the great images I can capture for you today. Things have really come a long way since then.

Just for fun here are a few marmite bits about me:

Loves in my life – but not in any particular order:
My wife, my family, my friends, my dogs, my Canon 5D MkII & MkIII, real ale, sunshine, the sound of the sea and the rain, thunderstorms, Apple, Bradfield Brewery, rugby, cycling, golf, a good scary film, Downton Abbey and the days of yesteryear, gadgets and toys, barbeques, caravaning and holidays, time to chillout, fresh cut grass, squash, tennis, photography, wildlife, red wine, open log fires, DIY.

Things I don’t like so much (Hate seems a bit strong):
Marrows, cucumbers, courgettes, traffic, being cold and wet, ironing, slow broadband connections (come on BT please help me on this one), negativity, going to the gym in summer.