Preston Court wedding photo

A bit about me

My first experiences of photography were as a young boy being given a little 35mm point and shoot camera, I loved to take images with it and it was even better when the films came back – that moment of unwrapping the Klick developed pack of 6 x 4 photos with my mum. I’m not sure my parents were so keen at the amount of film I would go through and you can imagine the excitement when digital cameras came out – turning expensive film into a quick money saver for them. I’m very lucky to have had such supportive parents and it has helped me develop my photography from the old slightly blurred images as an 8 year old to the great images I can capture for you today. Things have really come a long way since then.


My number one reason for EVERYTHING is my daughter Robyn and I’d love one day to have her as my wedding sidekick (her work isn’t quite up to scratch yet). She is the funniest, kindest and cutest person I know, watching her grow up and caring for her is the best privilege I have in the world. Now I understand what my parents have always told me about unconditional love. Why am I writing about my daughter on my website? Because I want you guys to read this and know what’s important to me and what makes me tick. Much like I love to find out the same about my wedding couples; I love to know what makes you guys tick.

Just for fun, here are a few marmite bits about me….

Loves in my life – but not in any particular order:
Robyn + Lorna, family, friends, my cameras, real ale, sunshine, the sound of the sea and the rain, thunderstorms, Apple, Bradfield Brewery, rugby, cycling, golf, a good scary film, Downton Abbey and the days of yesteryear, gadgets and toys, barbecues, holidays, time to chill out, the smell of fresh cut grass, squash, tennis, photography, wildlife, red wine, open log fires, DIY, music, David Bowie, Chris Stapleton, Nashville, Moonshine, Whisky, Ashgate Hospicecare, Marmite, Dark Rum, Stranger Things, being a wedding photographer, Bamford Edge, The Peak District, Lego, Netfix, The Witcher.

Things I don’t like so much (hate seems a bit strong):
Marrows, cucumbers, courgettes, traffic, being cold and wet, ironing, slow internet, negativity & mood hoovers, going to the gym in summer, bad parking, sticky hands, warm gin & tonic.

A few images of me at work

Having fun on the Carousel at Preston Court

This is me hopping on the carousel to make sure I could get the angle I wanted to document Katie and Ben's ride on the carousel.

Checking in on the groom

Having a quick casual chat with Ben befroe the ceremony starts to make sure he's okay and to offer some words of encouragement.

Capturing some relaxed couples moments

Documenting Callum carrying Leanne's wedding dress as they headed back to see their guests after a few group photos.

Capturing the mood in the rain

Still working in the rain during a couple's pre wedding shoot, we got some really great moody photos from this one, sometimes the rain makes it!

Too busy concentrating on my camera

Sometimes I forget to tell my face I'm having a great time while I'm concentrating on the shot I want. Must rememebr to have a smiling concentration face more often I think.

Me testing the dance floor lighting test

Testing the lighting setup I wanted to use for the first dance at this wedding. I always do this, I want to make sure I'm making the best light for my bride and grooms first dance.

Documenting the bouquet toss

I love getting involved in moments like this and makign sure I document them as part of the overall wedding story.

Blending into the crowd

Making sure I'm in the crowd capturing moments, I remember this one photographing the grandparents at John + Sarah's wedding.

Capturing the dance floor

Getting involved in all the little moments that happen during he dancefloor. My favourite part of the day when everyone lets their hair down and has fun.

Respectfully documenting the ceremony

Between using a silent shutter (no camera clicks) and maintaining a respectful distnace I'll capture your ceremony as it unfolds.

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